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Range Banner Stands

Range Banner Stands The Range uses state-of-the-art edge magnet technology and a slide-lock hardware connection system to create a seamless graphic mural or backdrop by combining multiple Range Banner Stand units together. It can be single or double-sided, has adjustable mast and panel height and comes with a carrying case. The bottom of the graphic is fully adjustable. No tools required. The Range units can be purchased without a graphic. This product only allows for Lambda laminated graphics. A 3-panel mural creates a 9'10" mural; ideal for a 10' space.


Optima Graphics, who is a supplier of the Range Banner Stand and graphics for trade show retailers, delivers their products and services in a different manner than most. What's the difference? They completely comprehend the long range picture which is to focus on the long term success of the business relationship with their customers, while simultaneously focusing on the immediate challenges of the day to day delivery of products and services. They work unceasingly to be the obvious supplier of choice in the trade show display marketplace, by cultivating the relationship, first and foremost. By methodically planning their growth through carefully executed change, allows Optima to keep your business in step with current and future products. From past to present, Optima has brought great new technologies to market such as what they did with high end photo mural panels printed with Lambda technology for pop up displays. They've brought dozens of new display products to market like tension fabric displays, and the Xpressions pop up displays just to name a few. Optima Graphics has certainly made a big difference in the delivery of product to the trade show industry.

In the online trade show display business, the function of truly serving our clients is an important function that can't be ignored. It's no longer acceptable to just take an order, process it, and move on to the next one. Although they might not say it, most of our customers want to hear what we have to say and welcome our input and feedback. When you call us at ShopForExhibits, you can expect our sales professionals to know what they're talking about, and to be able to council you appropriately in the display products that you are asking about.