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Range Banner Stand

Range Banner Stand | Banner Stands
Range Banner Stand | Banner Stands Range Banner Stand | Banner Stands Range Banner Stand | Banner Stands Range Banner Stand | Banner Stands Range Banner Stand | Banner Stands Range Banner Stand | Banner Stands
SKU: Range Banner Stand
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  • Features Lambda Bright Laminated Graphics
  • Priced utilizing one (1) 24" x 30"h  Range Banner
  • All sizes offered are priced in pull down menue
  • Combine two or more Banners for large mural effect
  • Can Upgrade to Hard Shell Case if Desired (with Additional Shipping Cost)
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  • One (1) Printed Banner Graphic
  • Tripod Stand in Silver


  • State-of-the-Art Edge Maget Technology
  • Table top height or full height
  • Single Sided or Double Sided
  • Hardware can be purchased without graphic
  • For Lambda Laminated Graphics only

Graphic Dimensions

  • Widths: 24, 32, 39.5, 48"
  • Heights: 30, 40, 60, 78, 96"
Price: $359.00

Range Banner Stand: The Range uses state-of-the-art edge magnet technology and a slide-lock hardware connection system to create a seamless graphic mural or backdrop by combining multiple Range units together. It can be single or double-sided, has adjustable mast and panel height and comes with a carrying case. The bottom of the graphic is fully adjustable. No tools required. The Range units can be purchased without a graphic. This product only allows for Lambda laminated graphics. A 3-panel mural creates a 9'10" mural; ideal for a 10' space.

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