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Panoramic Counter C

Panoramic Counter C | Trade Show Displays
Panoramic Counter C | Trade Show Displays
SKU: Panoramic Counter A
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  • 14" x 30.625" x 41.5" 15" x 31.625" Counter Top
  • frame structure is simple to work with
  • fewer parts and pieces
  • easy wire management
  • convenient packaging system
  • white powder-coated finish resists dirt and it looks great
  • simple label system of all parts
  • grows with your exhibit needs
  • accessories like monitor mounts, shelves and bases
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  • Parts :
  • Pano_I-Frame (4 pieces) 
  • Pano_F-Frame - Top (3 pieces)
  • Pano_F-Frame - Bottom (3 pieces) 
  • Counter top (1 piece)


Panoramic aluminum extrusion frame is a unique concept. The entire display is transformed into one continuous fabric graphic design. The exhibit structure truly becomes your brand image or message. The SEG (silicone edge graphic) fabric graphics are of the highest image quality and custom finished to match your specific design. The fabric graphics fold up making your entire display easy to store and transport.

Price: $1,590.00

Panoramic Counter C : A counter is a counter is a counter only until you’ve seen the Panoramic™ Counters.

With storage space and sturdy composition, these Counters support more than is necessary while providing all the storage typically needed. Choose from our existing Exhibit Component collection or design your own. These versatile Counters convey a style that goes with anything. As with all Panoramic™, the extrusion-based structure is hidden so the Counters go with any existing exhibits you may be updating. Connect Counters to Towers and create unique workstations or presentation areas within your space.

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