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M2 Retractable Banner Stand

The M2 Retractable Banner Stand is a flexible and easy-to-use retractable display with an innovative solution that makes it easy to vary between different messages in your display. This retractable display is suited for those who need to change their graphics often, or need to replace a campaign at several locations at the same time. The telescoping pole makes it very easy to adjust the height. Unique solution for changing your graphics. M2 has hassle free retractable banner stand. Unlike spring loaded retractables the M2 has a unique patented mechanism that makes set-up and graphic change out super easy. Your marketing becomes more cost-effective since changing your graphic is quick and easy and you can do it yourself!

Optima Graphics is a leading supplier of trade show graphics who provides services and products a little differently than most suppliers How do they accomplish this? Beyond all else, Optima understands your issues as a customer and business owner, and elects to focus their attention instead on the long term relations which helps to overcome momentary difficulties. Optimas' desire is to deliver both relationships to distributors in a manner that makes them the vendor of choice in each of their markets. Their meticulous planning of details when releasing new products, allows Optima to keep you, the distributor and customer, constantly abreast of present and future products. From past to present, Optima has brought great new technologies to market such as what they did with high end photo mural panels printed with Lambda technology for pop up displays. Take note of the dozens of new products they’ve introduced over the years such as the Compass and Sales Mate Table Top Displays, and the VBurst pop up display to name a few. Nobody else in the trade show exhibit industry has had a positive effect like Optima has.

Frequently, the function the entrepreneur plays in the service of his or her trade show display customers, turns out to be the most important roll they can play. We can't be content to just take an order, process it, and move on to the next one. Even though time sometimes gets a little short, we have to be prepared to take a step back and make the time to walk our clients through their purchases, which will create the good will that will continually bring them back over and over. At ShopForExhibits, we're proud to have the experience necessary to truly offer objective advise, and allow our clients to grow from it.