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M2 Banner Stand

M2 Banner Stand | Banner Stands
M2 Banner Stand | Banner StandsM2 Banner Stand | Banner Stands
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  • Tension System allows you to change your graphics in no time!
  • Telescopic pole: The M2 is equipped with a telescopic pole, which makes it very easy to adjust the height.
  • Design and colors: M2 has a minimalist design with a unique look that separates it from the competitors.
  • The 35" wide unit comes in black with chromed ends. 
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  • Padded Bag
  • Printed Graphic
  • Base Unit


  • Easy to change graphic
  • Kaleidoscope Select Graphic
  • MicroKnit fabric is the preferred graphic

Graphic Dimensions

Live Area: 33.25" x 62.5" x 86.625"

Actual Graphic Print Sizes: 33.25" x 62.5" x 90.625"

Price: $726.00

M2 Banner Stand: M2 is a flexible and easy-to-use retractable Banner Stand display case with an innovative solution that makes it easy to vary between different messages in your display. This retractable display is suited for those who need to change their graphics often, or need to replace a campaign at several locations at the same time. The telescoping pole makes it very easy to adjust the height. Unique solution for changing your graphics. M2 has hassle free retractable banner stand. Unlike spring loaded retractables the M2 has a unique patented mechanism that makes set-up and graphic change out super easy. Your marketing becomes more cost-effective since changing your graphic is quick and easy and you can do it yourself!