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Eco-2016 | Eco Smart Hybrid Display
Eco-2016 | Eco Smart Hybrid DisplayEco-2016 | Eco Smart Hybrid Display
SKU: ECO-2016
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  • Linz 10' x 20' Sustainable Hybrid Display
  • See the Linz 10' x 10' Version
  • Lightweight Recycled Aluminum Extrusion Frame
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  • Lightweight Recycled Aluminum Extrusion Frame
  • Attached Lockable Storage (Color Options)
  • (2) Paradise Tension Fabric Graphics
  • (2) GreenCore Side Header Graphic
  • (1) GreenCore Center Header Graphic
  • (1) Recycled Tension Fabric Canopy
  • (4) LED Energy Efficient Lights
  • (6) Adjustable Bamboo or FSC Laminate Shelves (Color Options)
  • (8) Eco-Panel System w/ FSC Laminate (Color Options)
  • (2) Large Monitor Mount (32" to 50")
  • (1) FSC Certified Crate


  • ECO-17C and Chairs
  • Bamboo Cabinet
  • Monitors
Price: $17,671.00

Eco-2016 The internet world of online retail vendors is quickly becoming the dominant arena for retail commerce in our society, but not many people outside the industry know the challenges we face as online merchants who sell everything from table throws and runners to trade show flooring. In the exhibit world, each product is a different color, and most come with several options or a variety of accessories and graphics and some which come with many custom attachments. Now, in addition to the many product add-ons, our manufacturer has to be ready to ship in as little as 5 days, and quite often, they will need to ship directly to the trade show and not the customers address. The manufacturing company we choose to partner with, must be structured to meet the challenges of our business, and we feel that Classic Exhibits is at the top of the list as our final choice of suppliers. Classic Exhibits, a company who has been producing exhibits for over 25 years, has matured into a very savvy manufacturing organization, and has created a great many products that retailers want to sell. Unfortunately, many companies sell displays that come from overseas and are imported here in the U.S. and then picked and pulled off warehouse shelves here in America which are a type of show display which brings little or no variety to the market. Classic has found success with many custom inline display systems such as the "Visions by Classic" but has also introduced some great island exhibit displays as well. While working with a partner like Classic Exhibits, we're confident that our customers will continue to come back time and again.