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Eco-1014 | Eco Smart Hybrid Display
SKU: Eco-1014
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  • EcoFly 10' x 10' Sustainable Hybrid Display
  • See the EcoFly 10' x 20' Version
  • Lightweight Recycled Aluminum Extrusion Frame
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  • Lightweight Recycled Aluminum Extrusion Frame
  • (2) Paradise Tension Fabric Graphics
  • (1) 2-Piece GreenCore Header Graphic
  • (4) Eco Glass/Frosted Accent Wings
  • (1) Standoff Counter w/ Bamboo Top and FSC Laminate Infill (Color Options)
  • (1) Small Monitor Mount (10" to 36")
  • (1) Regrind Flat Panel Case w/ Custom Packaging


  • (2) LED Energy Efficient Lights
Price: $5,516.00

Eco-1014 Eco Smart Displays:The internet world of online retail merchants has become the new arena of retail sales in our world, however relatively few people can conceive of the obstacles that a web business faces who sells small exhibits up to large tension fabric displays.

In the show industry, most products are ordered to a specific color, and many times items will also have customer specific graphics and a few of them having the option of custom attachments. Finally, the manufacturer has to get the product out the door in only 5-10 days, and much of the time, directly to show site without a review first. Our final selection for a major supplier, must a company who can provide solutions to our challenges, and we have concluded that Classic Exhibits is best suited to handle the job. Classic Exhibits, a company that has been in the exhibits display business for over 25 years, has matured into a very savvy manufacturing organization, and has also developed over the years, some of the best products in the trade show industry. Many businesses sell products that are created in other countries, shipped here, and then when an order comes in, the product is pulled and shipped out without even inspecting it first, which are for the most part, just cookie cutter exhibit displays. Classic Exhibits has had many successes with inline exhibits such as the Magellan Modular Displays, as well as many products in the tension fabric displays line. Now that we have Classic as our major exhibit supplier, we're confident that our customers will continue to come back time and again.