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20 Ft Serpentine All Fabric Pop Up Display


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20' Serpentine Fabric Pop Up Displays | Pop Up Display
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SKU: PK-2004
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  • 20 Ft Serpentine Pop Up Display
  • Display Size: Wave   240" w x 90"h
  • Panels: Fabric-choice of 18 colors
  • Packaging: 2 Molded Shipping Case
  • Lights: 4 Halogen Lights
  • Case to Counter Kit: Fabric Wraps included
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  • 20 Ft Serpentine Pop Up Display
  • (2) 10' w x 90"h Quadro Curved Frames Concave/Convex
  • (2) Roto Molded Shipping Case
  • (9) Frontrunner/Prelude Fabric Front Panels
  • (2) Frontrunner/Prelude Fabric End Panels
  • (4) Halogen Lights
  • (2) Graphic Case Wraps


  • 20 Ft Serpentine Pop Up Display
  • Quadro Square Tube Extruded Aluminum Frame
  • Fabric Panels in 18 color choices
Price: $3,733.00

The 20' Serpentine All Fabric Pop Up Display up offers an attractive look for that big booth effect. Make from 2 ten foot pop up frames, it utilized the convex side of one and the concave side of the other frame. Comes with either fabric or photo mural panels. Please note that a decision has to be made in advance as far as which shape will go on the right verses left because panels are not interchangeable.

The 20' Serpentine All Fabric Pop Up Display shown here, are produced in Portland, Oregon, USA by Classic Exhibits; one of the last few trade show displays manufacturers left in the U.S.. Each and every line of show booths that Classic manufactures, including  trade show accessories,  were developed by their staff over the last 17 years, and each new products were fabricated with structural integrity and great style in mind . This guarantees a products' long life span which is a trademark of all Classic built systems. The Classic's product lines have been successfully marketed for 25 years through their own dealer network and now those same products are available at attractive discounts on ShopForExhibits.

One of our best competitive advantages in the online business , lies in the fact that you have the availability of a large number of display systems to choose from , and each system can be customized and personalized to a clients’ preferences. You will never be choosing a SKU out of a catalog!

The beauty of working with a company like Classic is because of their high tech manufacturing plant which has all the typical automated machinery such as paint booths, an overhead CNC router, plus a 12' bed CNC milling machine, and an aluminum bending machine. They can do it all!

As I’m quite sure that you are aware, in the trade show industry, due dates are extremely important, and having a manufacturer who can quick turn a job around in break neck speed is vital.. I don’t think there is anyone else in this business who that will work with you on your projects and will always make a distributor look good like Classic does!  

Over the past few years, ShopForExhibits has developed to be a major retailer of trade show displays over the internet, and because of that, are considered to be a wealth of expertise about the trade show industry. The owner of ShopForExhibits, Lowell Nickens, has owned a retail exhibit firm, along with creating a trade show decorating business and operating it for 10 years after which he started an exhibit manufacturing business called Classic Exhibits; which he was president of for 21 years.Most of the product lines that Classic distributed before 2006 were systems that Lowell developed himself, and the knowledge of all the products he sells can be an resource in determining which system you should invest in. We seriously hope that you will take a few minutes to look at the products that we represent, and then call us and let us help you to accomplish your exhibit marketing objectives.