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VK-2047 | 20 Ft Magellan Magic Hybrid

 VK-2047 | 20 Ft Magellan Magic Hybrid
 VK-2047 | 20 Ft Magellan Magic Hybrid VK-2047 | 20 Ft Magellan Magic Hybrid VK-2047 | 20 Ft Magellan Magic HybridTrade Show Displays | VK-2123 Magellan Magic
SKU: VK-2047
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  • VK-2047 | 20 Ft Magellan Magic Hybrid

  • Watch the Setup Video (Magellan MOR — VK-1076)

  • See VK-1081 for the 10' x 10' Version

  • Engineered Aluminum Frame

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  • Engineered Aluminum Frame

  • Large Format Tension Fabric Graphics

  • (2) MOD-1218 Counters

  • (6) 5 Watt LED Lights

  • Durable and Lightweight Design

  • Includes Case/Crate Option with Reusable Packaging

  • Includes All Tension Fabric and Direct Print Graphics Shown

  • Made in the USA



  • Durable Engineered Aluminum Frame
  • Vivid Tension Fabric Graphics
  • 10 ft. and 20 ft. Kits
  • Monitor, Workstation, and Pedestal Options
  • Easy Knob-assisted Assembly
  • Individually Numbered Components
  • Reusable Die-cut Foam Packaging
  • Roto-molded Case(s) with Wheels
  • Made in the USA

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Price: $28,275.00

VK-2047 | 20 Ft Magellan Magic Hybrid

Become alluring with the Magellan Magic! Designed to draw attention and conjure up leads like no other. The VK-2123 Magellan Magic’s curved aluminum frame and large format tension fabric graphics make a dramatic statement at any trade show. Display options include workstations, monitor mounts, headers, and a matching portable counter with storage.

Sets-up effortlessly with knob-assisted assembly. Each component is individually numbered and the numbers correspond to the job-specific instructions. Packaging includes roto-molded cases with wheels and die-cut reusable foam.

This Custom Modular Hybrid Display is durable, easy to use, and down right beautiful! You're sure to turn heads at your next trade show with the Magellan Magic Hybrid Display.

No trade show display is ever the same. Each display has an endless amount of customization options. You're guaranteed to find something that'll meet your needs!

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