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VK-1952 SuperNova Lightbox

SEGUE VK-1952 Inline Lightbox Display Backlit with SuperNova™ LED Technology
SEGUE VK-1952 Inline Lightbox Display right viewSEGUE VK-1952 Inline Lightbox Display front viewSEGUE VK-1950 Inline Lightbox Display Backlit with SuperNova™ LED TechnologySEGUE VK-1951 Inline Lightbox Display Backlit with SuperNova™ LED TechnologyMOD-550 Portable Display Shipping Case with Wheels and Locks
SKU: VK-1952 SuperNova Lightbox
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VK-1952 SuperNova Lightbox

  • Visionary Designs Hybrid Display
  • Take It to the Edge with Silicone Edge Graphics
  • SuperNova™ LED Technology
  • SEGUE VK-1952 Hybrid Display
  • See the VK-2941 for the 10 x 20 Version
  • Engineered Aluminum Extrusion
  • SuperNova™ LED Lights
  • Black or Silver Finish
  • (1) Front Silicone Edge Fabric Graphic (approx. 98" x 96")
  • (1) Rear Velcro-attached Reflective Fabric
  • (2) Plex or Sintra Wings
  • Modular Construction
  • (1) MOD-550 Portable Roto-molded Case with Wheels and Jigging


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VK-1952 SuperNova Lightbox

  • Includes All Silicone Edge Fabric Graphics (SEG) Shown
  • Portable Modular Assembly: Locking Hex Key Connections (tool included)


VK-1952 SuperNova Lightbox

  • 10 and 20 ft. Versions
  • SuperNova™ LED Technology
  • Lightweight Engineered Aluminum
  • Convenient Cord Management
  • One or Two-sided Lightbox Versions
  • Silicone Edge Fabric Graphics (SEG)
  • Easy Modular Assembly
  • Integrated Cord Management
  • Made in the USA

Graphic Dimensions

Dims: 120" W x 90.25" H

Price: $6,071.00

VK-1952 SuperNova Lightbox

The innovative SuperNova™ LED Inline lightbox combines exceptionally bright LED lights, modular engineered, an aluminum frame, and silicone edge fabric graphics into a brilliant eye-catching trade show exhibition display. The SuperNova LED lights are attached to the frame which makes assembly easy and packaging a snap. 10 ft. and 20 ft. versions are available, in both one-sided and two-sided lightboxes. All have integrated cord management.

The lightboxes use SuperNova LED lights, ensuring an exceptionally bright graphic and thousands of hours of worry-free use.

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