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VBurst Self Locking Straight Frame

VBurst Self Locking Straight Frame:  The self locking VBrust straight frame pop up display comes in 3 convenient sizes; 2 x 2 table top, 2 x 3  and the 3 x 3 floor standing model. All of them are made from the high quality materials and craftsmanship as the other VBurst products. The self locking frame utilizes a flex motion in the frame to lock it in the maximum upright position and by reversing the motion, the fame conveniently collapses and stores the graphic just like the curved frame model does. The essence of this and other VBurst products lies in the high quality dye sublimation graphics that mount to the pop up and are stored and shipped in that manner too.  

One of the front runners in the online retailers of trade show displays,, continues to expand what they make available to their nationwide clientele, through their display rentals program which was begun only two short years ago, and the new tension fabric products. To sustain this growth, ShopForExhibits has just launched a new web site that provides a host of new customer and product support features. Many challenges lie ahead for retailers in this fast paced industry, which is often faced with reacting to a variety of business downturns, due to the uncertain business climate. The majority of people in the trade show exhibit business will struggle in the coming months to successfully market new offerings such as modular hybrid displays, but due to their years of experience in the exhibit industry, coupled with their competitive web site skills, SFE looks to have what it takes to lead the pack.