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VBurst Perma Logo Case to Counter Conversion Kit

SKU: VBurst Case Cover
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An Attractive Logo Cover at a Reasonable Price

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Pull over Fabric Cover in choice of Black, White, Blue, or Green Fits all Burst Shipping Cases Logo Attached with Perma Logo Process  


Easy to install case cover with Logo

Price: $519.00

The VBurst Perma Logo Case Cover provides a way to create a podium cover in a pre dyed color with your logo included up to 18" x 22" in size.

Over the years, Optima Graphics has positioned themselves to become the unquestioned front runner in providing graphics and specialty products like the V Burst pop up displays system  to the exhibit industry. What caused Optima to elevate to such a position in the trade show market ? To begin with, the founder of Optima Graphics, Jim Hoffman, did a phenomenal job connecting with the group of distributors that were available to him, and by placing new cutting edge solutions in the hands of those distributors, developed a tremendous amount of loyalty from them. Over the years, Jim kept offering new products and different ways of doing old things which kept his message fresh in the minds of his distributors. To really contrast Optima, they became known for the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Fortunately for them, Optima has set the standard for fast turn-around times in the graphics industry. The culture within the company is such that they attract very good employees who likewise want to please their customers. So, for those of us in the exhibit business, Optima has earned out loyalty over and over, and I’m certain we'll continue to work with them in the future.   

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