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Summit Banner Stands

Summit Banner Stands: for a measure of flexibility in a non retractable product, the Summit gives you just that. 

If you're familiar with the trade show market there never is a shortage of products available for even the most active distributor keeping everyone supplied with products to sell. This is pretty good news for everyone isn't it? The not so good news is that the majority of the manufacturers don't understand what the actions of a world class supplier, even are.

Optima Graphics is one of the notable few who understand their roll in the relationship and how they need to structure their business to serve them. Why is this so hard for so many companies to understand how to work with a distributor network? I believe that the challenge begins at the top of the management chain where the top guy is thinking more of himself and the bottom line, and providing an inventory of pre packed exhibits in brown corrugated cartons up on the shelves, just waiting for an order. In this type of arrangement the owner has determined how long it should take to do everything without regard for improvement, what each product should look like, and if there is an exception, can be done differently.

Optima is way different in their approach! They have a close enough relationship with their dealers that they know what they face and have made a conscious decision not to add to the problems that they already face. Many times problems with distributors will occur, but if you don't take care of them one at a time, they soon get out of control. It's no wonder that Optima has the best products and service in the industry too!