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Sacagawea Display Print On Graphic Wing Panels

Trade Show Displays | Sacagawea Replacement Graphics
Trade Show Displays | Sacagawea Replacement Graphics
SKU: Graphic Wing Panels for Sacagawea
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These are print on graphics using a plastic or acrylic which can be matched to the main graphic panel of your display. Panels are priced per set of wings. Each set consists of two wing sections – top and bottom on both the left and right of the display – for a total of four pieces.

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  • Printing of the Graphic on acrylic or sintra on one side
  • Panels are priced per set of wings
  • Each set consists of two wing sections – top and bottom on both the left and right of the display – for a total of four pieces
Price: $285.00

Sacagawea Print On Graphic Wing Panels:  These are the end panels  that are offered with the Sacagawea displays. See the graphic dims PDF for finish sizes and other pertenant imformation. There are several different shapes to choose from as well. 

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