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Relay Banner Stand

Relay Banner Stand | Banner Stands
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Relay Banner Stand: In the exhibit display world an ample supply of trade show related products and high end graphics are always available to keep all the distributors happy and knee deep in inventory.

Not bad news is it? It's not good news when you realize that the very people who serve the industry don't understand what the actions of a world class supplier, even are. Optima Graphics is an exception to the rule when it comes to relationships with their distributors and what it takes to successfully fulfill their mission in the relationship. Why is it that many business set up roadblocks in terms of dealing with distributors as normal human beings? As far as I can tell, the issues described here begin at the top of the organization where a manager figures that they have such a good deal for distributors, and the best thing for them is having a warehouse full of product, is doing the distributors a big enough favor. In this scenario upper management determined before-hand exactly how long everything should take, what each product should look like, and if any of the above can ever be changed.

Optima is different! They maintain an ongoing dialogue with each distributor and they understand what their dealers have to tolerate each day and want to meet problems and issues head on and not let problems fester. Many times problems with distributors will occur, however if you don't take care of them one at a time, it soon becomes a big problem in the minds of distributors. This proves that by taking care of your distributors at the ground level, they will love you forever!