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Pronto 2 Layered Retractable Banner Stands

Layered Banner Stand | Retractable Banner Stand
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SKU: Pronto 2 Layered Retractable Banner Stands - Celtic Fabric Diamond Finish


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  • Pronto 2 Layered Retractable Banner Stands
  • Choice of Black or Silver Base
  • Spot Light Available in Black or Silver
  • 33.5”w x 92" Double Sided
  • 4 Sculpted Styles or 2 Full Banners
  • Optional Hard Shell Shipping Case
  • Cases for Multiple Banner Stands (with Additional Shipping Cost)
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  • Pronto 2 Layered Retractable Banner Stands
  • Choice of Base Colors
  • Kaleidoscope Select Dye Sublimation
  • Graphic with Diamond Finish
  • Nylon Carry Case


  • Pronto 2 Layered Retractable Banner Stands
  • Lightweight, with Nylon Carry bag
  • Larger Cases Available for Multiples
  • Spot Light & Light Carry Bag Available
Price: $789.00

The 23.5" and 33.5" Pronto 2 Layered Banner Stand Display Case is a double sided retractable banner stand that allows for utilizing one of the banners as a background to the specially styled forward graphic. There are four different layered banner shapes to choose from, so take this opportunity to be creative and get noticed. Graphics and pole are stored in the base of the unit and an attractive padded storage bag is included.

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