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MOD-1316 Locking iPad Clamshell


MOD-1316 Locking iPad Clamshell:

Adding an iPad to a hybrid display or extrusion exhibit has never been easier. The MOD-1316, 1317, and 1318 are designed to attach to many aluminum extrusion systems. The silver clamshell frame has two locks for security. The 1317 and 1318 have the added benefit of the Swivel Stop, which allows the iPad to swivel between portrait and landscape modes. There's even the option of a graphic overlay to personalize your iPad frame.

All three are affordable additions to any trade show backwall, counter, or workstation. Need an iPad solution not shown? Let us know. We're happy to design the perfect solution for you.

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  • Manufacturer: Classic Exhibits, Inc
  • Lead Time: 10 Working Days
  • Setup Time: 5 minutes
  • Warranty: Lifetime


MOD-1316 Locking iPad Clamshell 

  • Excludes iPad
  • Portable Assembly: (2) Hex Key Connections (tool included)


MOD-1316 Locking iPad Clamshell 

  • Aluminum Clamshell Frame
  • Dual Anti-theft Security Locks
  • Portrait to Landscape Rotation (MOD-1317 and 1318)
  • Fits Many Engineered Extrusions, including MODUL and AGAM
  • Durable Silver, Black, or White Finish

Graphic Dimensions

Dims: 8 1/4" W x 1" D x 12" H (clamshell only)

Shipping Information

Weight: 0lb
Dimensions: 0in x 0in x 0in

Note: Shipping costs are estimated. We reserve the right to make adjustments once the order is placed and specific costs can be determined. For more information click here.