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MOD-1245 Monitor Stand

MOD-1245  Monitor Stand | Counters Pedestals Kiosks & Workstations
MOD - 1245  Monitor Stand | Counters Pedestals Kiosks & WorkstationsMOD - 1245  Monitor Stand | Counters Pedestals Kiosks & WorkstationsMOD - 1245  Monitor Stand | Counters Pedestals Kiosks & Workstations
SKU: MOD-1245 Monitor Stand
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MOD-1245 Monitor Stand

  • Trade Show, Event, and Retail Displays
  • Perfect for LCD Monitors 42" and Smaller
  • (2) ZB-221 ZB-221 Aluminum Brochure Holders
  • Locking Door and Shelf
  • Hundreds of Laminate Finishes
  • Portable Case or Crate Design
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MOD-1245 Monitor Stand

  • Excludes Graphics
  • Excludes Monitor and Monitor Mount
  • Excludes Case and Packaging
  • Portable Modular Assembly: Locking Hex Key Connections (tool included)
  • Recommended Case/Packaging (if purchased separately): (2) LT-550 Portable Roto-molded Cases with Wheels and Jigging 


MOD-1245 Monitor Stand

  • Nearly 100 Designs
  • Portable, Modular, and Custom Designs
  • Small and Large Monitor Solutions
  • Wide Price Range
  • Graphic Insert and Direct Print Choices
  • Locking Storage and Shelves (many designs)
  • iPad Counter Insert Option
  • Portable Cases and Custom Crates with Customized Packaging Options
  • Made in the USA

Graphic Dimensions

Dims: 38" W x 25" D x 75" H

Price: $3,112.00

MOD-1245 Monitor Stand:  To meet the demand for large video presentations, ShopForExhibits has created a variety of "just monitor stands" to exhibit with. 

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