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MOD-1244 Monitor Stand

MOD-1244 Monitor Stand | Trade Show Displays
MOD-1244 Monitor Stand | Trade Show DisplaysMOD-1244 Monitor Stand | Trade Show DisplaysLT-550 Shippin Case with Wheels | Trade Show Displays
SKU: MOD-1244 Monitor Stand
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MOD-1244 Monitor Stand

  • MOD-1244 Monitor Stand
  • Trade Show, Event, and Retail Displays
  • Perfect for LCD Monitors 42" and Smaller
  • (4) ZB-221 ZB-221 Aluminum Brochure Holders
  • Portable Case or Crate Design
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MOD-1244 Workstation / Kiosk

  • Excludes Monitor and Monitor Mount
  • Excludes Case and Packaging
  • Portable Modular Assembly: Locking Hex Key Connections (tool included)
  • Recommended Case/Packaging (if purchased separately): (1) LT-550 Portable Roto-molded Case with Wheels and Jigging 


MOD-1244 Monitor Stand

  • Nearly 100 Designs
  • Portable, Modular, and Custom Designs
  • Small and Large Monitor Solutions
  • Wide Price Range
  • Graphic Insert and Direct Print Choices
  • Locking Storage and Shelves (many designs)
  • iPad Counter Insert Option
  • Portable Cases and Custom Crates with Customized Packaging Options

Design Templates

Graphic Dimensions

Dims: 48" W x 32" D x 75" H

Price: $1,584.00

MOD-1244 Monitor Stand: 

Workstations and Kiosks have become indispensable to most trade show displays. It's hard to imagine a booth without a monitor, laptop, or tablet computer anymore. You'll find nearly 100 choices in the Workstation and Kiosk gallery at a range of prices and features, many with locking storage. Most are modular, meaning they disassemble for shipping, but there are quite a few custom workstations which ship fully assembled. Don't see exactly what you want? No problem. We specialize in designing and building workstations and kiosks that meet any need.

When choosing the right workstation or kiosk for your display, consider how you will use it on the show floor. Do you need locking storage? Will the workstation or kiosk hold a lead retrieval machine, monitor, or other electrical device? If so, you will need wire management. That may be as simple as ordering a grommet for the counter or arranging for cord covers. If you are planning to use a tablet computer, consider the tablet insert option for the counter top. This option is practical, attractive, and secure for many tablets, such as an iPad.

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