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Kit D - 10 Ft VBurst Pop Up Display

Pop Up Displays | 10’ VBurst Pop Up Display Kit D
Pop Up Displays | Burst Molded Shipping Case
SKU: 10V-Kit-D
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  • (1) - 3 x 2 straight frame fabric graphic trade show display with end caps
  • (1) - 8' Table Throw with Dye Sublimation Applique
  • (1) - Roto Molded Burst Shipping Case
  • (1) - Case-to-counter conversion kit including fabric graphic and blotter (hard writing surface)
  • (3) - 150w Halogen lights (includes packing foam)
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8' Dye Sublimation Graphic Back Wall Molded Shipping Case Case to Counter Kit Graphic Halogen Display Lights  


A Huge Graphic Table Top and Matching Counter Graphic

Price: $2,452.00

The 10’ VBurst Pop Up Table Top Displays Kit D utilizes the 3 x 2 straight frame VBurst display and packages lights, shipping case, and case graphic to make for a smart looking trade show displays booth.

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