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Kit C - 20 Ft VBurst Pop Up Display

Pop Up Displays | 20’ VBurst Pop Up Display Kit C
Pop Up Displays | Burst Molded Shipping Case
SKU: 20V-Kit-C
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  • one 4 x 3 flat fabric graphic display with end caps
  • two 2 x 3 flat fabric graphic displays with end caps
  • three cases
  • three case-to-counter conversion kits (includes fabric graphics and blotter hard writing surface)
  • six lights (includes packing foam)


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20' Backwall with Full Dye Sub Graphics, Lights, and 3 Cases with Podium Wrap



Three graphic coverd podiums along with a full graphic backwall

Price: $7,137.00

The 20’ VBurst Pop Up Trade Show Displays Kit C provided one 10' straight frame pop up with two 2 x 3 straight frames positioned back a foot on either side; all frames fully covered with full color dye sublimation graphics.

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