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Halogen Light Carrying Case

Banner Stands | Halogen Light Carrying Case
Banner Stands | Halogen Light Carrying Case
SKU: EVA Foam Case-5
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  • Halogen Light Carrying Case
  • Hard Shell Padded Zipper Case
  • 21" long x 6" wide
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  • Halogen Light Carrying Case
  • Hardshell case with foam packaging


  • Halogen Light Carrying Case
  • Light weight
  • Foam Packaging
  • Fits Two Lights  
Price: $64.00

Halogen Light Carrying Case This well structured and padded EVA formed Halogen Light Carrying Case for halogen lights is an ideal way to store and protect your lighting investment. Can be used with all the Lumina series lights. See other options in the trade show accessories section.

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