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Burst Molded Shipping Case

VBurst Pop Up Display | Burst Molded Case
SKU: Burst-Case 1
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  • Outside Dims: 25.5"w x 36" x 14.5"d
  • Circumference: 72
  • Weight: 26 lbs.
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Molded Shipping Case with Wheels

Price: $310.00

The Burst Molded Shipping Case is a stylish molded case with wheels that is used for several premium pop up displays systems including the VBurst Replacement Panels. Its uniqueness comes from the hinged lid that has a compartment for lights.

Optima the distributor of the Burst Molded Shipping Case has become the foremost graphics and trade show display accessories supplier for the exhibit industry in the US. How did such a small graphics shop in the 80’s become such a giant in the industry today? When Jim Hoffman, president of Optima Graphics first began the business, he entered the trade show market with a great understanding of how he could serve trade show display distributors in a way that from a service standpoint, was a notch above what anybody else was doing at that time. Every year, Optima would roll out something new and exciting, which gave people who were connected to Optima, a position as innovators with their respective clients.Fast forward 20 years and, everyone in the industry knows that the name Optima is synonymous with service; fast service. Fortunately for them, Optima has set the expectation for fast turn-around times in the trade show industry. Finally, it should be said that the culture at Optima is conducive to attracting a group of real nice people who work hard to please their customers and meet the needs of the distributor network they serve. So, for those of us in the exhibit business, Optima has earned out loyalty many times over, and I’m certain we'll continue to work with them in the future.

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