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Burst Light Bag


The Burst Light Bag holds two lights for VBurst pop up displays, or LED pop up displays lights.

Optima Graphics, in Fenton, Missouri, seems to have achieved the acclaim as “graphics supplier of choice” for the greatest number of those distributors who work primarily in the trade show displays industry. What caused Optima to achieve such a position in the trade show market ? When Jim Hoffman, president of Optima Graphics first began the business, he entered the trade show market with a great new understanding of how he could service trade show display distributors in a way that service wise, was a notch better than anybody else was doing at that time. As time went on, Optima kept coming out with new and innovative products which kept creating new opportunities for the company. To really contrast Optima, they became known for the quickest turnaround times in the industry. In this regard, Optima is the leader when it comes to fast service at a great price. When you have a supplier relationship, where the service is so friendly and they go out of their way to produce the product correctly the first time, it’s not a difficult decision to return to Optima the next time you have a graphic job. So, Finally, due to the unbelievable record of exceptional service that Optima provides, there’s no doubt where I’m taking my business.  

In the past few years, ShopForExhibits has developed to be a leading retailer of trade show exhibits on the web, and are well-known as a provider that is familiar with every facet of the trade show business from firsthand experience; Lowell Nickens,the owner of SFE, has not only owned a retail display business, but in addition has manufactured displays for over 20 years as President of Classic Exhibits, in addition to creating and operating a trade show decorating company for 10 years before selling the company to GES.. Because Lowell, created or developed so many of the systems Classic Exhibits sold himself, his knowledge can be a huge value in deciding what would be the optimum options for your particular trade show exhibit needs. After reviewing the displays we offer, please feel free to call and let us answer your questions.   

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  • Manufacturer: Optima Graphics
  • Lead Time: Same Day
  • Warranty: Lifetime


Burst Light Bag


Space to hold two lights

Shipping Information

Weight: 2lb
Dimensions: 0in x 0in x 0in

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