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Black Nylon Case w/Core Tube

Black Nylon Case w/Core Tube | Display Cases
SKU: Nylon Case with Core-3
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  • 5.75" x 40.5" -2.8 lbs
  • 5.75" x 48" -3.3 lbs
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  • 5.75" x 40.5" -2.8 lbs
  • 5.75" x 48" -3.3 lbs


 Lightweight Affordable Banner Stand Case for Single Banner Stand

Price: $70.00

Black Nylon Case w/Core Tube: a great lightweight carry case for any of the retractable banner stands.

In the trade show display market there is always enough supply of products flowing into the market for even the most active distributor. That should make everyone happy! Not really, and worst of all, they don't actually have a clue when it comes to "serving" the distributor market that they are catering to. Optima Graphics understands how to work with distributors and what it takes to successfully fulfill their mission in the relationship. Why do so many businesses struggle with working with distributor? This is normally a situation where the management is concerned more about policy and not practicalities, and would rather have nicely packaged products and a great group of nice inside sales people who service them according to company policy. In this type of arrangement the owner has determined what it will take to do each assignment, how each item should be presented, and if any of the above can ever be changed.

Optima is different! They have a close enough relationship with their dealers that they know what they face and have decided to try and lighten their load and not add to it. Most of the problems they solve or the challenges they eliminate are not monumental, however if you added all the little ones together they would amount to a lot of frustration. This is why Optima has a reputation as having the best quality and service of anyone!