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4 x 4 VBurst Flat Replacement Graphics


4 x 4 VBurst Flat Replacement Graphics: Go ahead and splurge and upgrade your image with a new replacement graphic for your VBurst from Optima Graphics. 

The VBurst is a fabric pop-up display system with a fabric image already fastened to the frame using Velcro which stays connected to the frame during tear down and shipping.  It can be bought as either a flat wall or curved display. After the frame is set up, the graphic will have stretched over the fame which produces at flat smooth image over the whole display. The VBurst™ is available with or without end panels. If you want end panels, they just wrap around the end of the frame and velcro onto the back hubs.

Optima Graphics, in Fenton, Missouri, seems to have reached the acclaim as graphics supplier of choice for the majority of those distributors who work primarily in the trade show exhibit industry. What happened that allowed Optima to elevate to such a position in the exhibit market? To begin with, Jim Hoffman, owner and president of Optima Graphics, created a culture within the company that initiated extraordinary service to the customers, and a dedication to bring to market, new high tech products. He then aggressively went out with these new systems and put them into the showrooms of every distributor of exhibit products in the nation to demonstrate their value and utility in the market. Each year, Optima would come out with something new and different, which gave people who were connected to Optima, a position as innovators with their own clients. It's common knowledge that you can have good products, but if you can’t get them out the door and to your customers in time, it’s of no value. Optima has done so well with service and turn-around times that distributors naturally gravitate toward them. Everyone at Optima it seems, is friendly and truly wants to serve the customers, which speaks well for our clients. So, As far as my business, there’s no doubt who will be the supplier of choice for my graphic needs; Optima wins hands down.  

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  • Manufacturer: Optima Graphics
  • Lead Time: 4 days from file approval, or 3 days with overnight shipping
  • Setup Time: 15-30 minutes
  • Warranty: Lifetime


Printed Replacement Graphic in hight resolution dye sublimation Colossus 8 color printing

Shipping Information

Weight: 14lb
Dimensions: 17in x 12in x 3in

Note: Shipping costs are estimated. We reserve the right to make adjustments once the order is placed and specific costs can be determined. For more information click here.

Shipping Rates

3 Day:$84.66
2 Day:$112.12
Priority Overnight:$192.99
1st Priority:$229.14