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39.5 in. Quickscreen 3 w/Removeable Cassette

Quickscreen 3 - 39.5 in Retractable Banner Stands | Banner Stands
Quickscreen 3 - 39.5 in Retractable Banner Stands | Banner Stands Banner Stands | 39.5" Quickscreen 3 CassetteBanner Stands | Core Tube w/Nylon CoverBanner Stands | Graphic Case for Multiple UnitsBanner Stands | R Case Banner Stands | 50 Watt Halogen LightBanner Stands | Banner Stand Light Case
SKU: QS-3-39.375, Celtic Fabric
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  • 39.5 in. Quickscreen 3 w/Removeable Cassette
  • Includes Graphic/Padded Nylon Bag
  • Black or Silver Base
  • Assembled Size: 39.5" x 82.25"
  • Optional Hard Shell Shipping Case
  • Cases for Multiple Banner Stands
  • Weight: 21 lbs
  • 3 Different Heights: 28.5"-56"-86"  
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  • 39.5 in. Quickscreen 3 w/Removeable Cassette
  • Choice of Base Colors
  • Nylon Carry Case


  • 39.5 in. Quickscreen 3 w/Removeable Cassette
  • Choice of Base Colors
  • Kaleidoscope Select Dye Sublimation
  • Diamond Finish not Available with QS3
  • Nylon Carry Case
  • Removeable Graphic Cassette
  • 3 Different Heights: 28.5"-56"-86"

Graphic Dimensions

39.375" x 88"

Price: $943.00

The 39.5 in. Quickscreen 3 w/Removeable Cassette Retractable Banner Stand Display Case with Removeable Cassette has a removeable graphic cassette to allow you to change your message on the fly with next to no effort. Keep a couple of different messages handy so you can meet any occasion head on with confidence.

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