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3 Inch Hook - Chrome

Pop Up Displays | 3 Inch Chrome Hook
SKU: 3 Inch Hook - Chrome
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3 Inch Hook - Chrome

  • Pop Up Mounted Hardware
  • Includes Modified Channel Bar
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Price: $79.00

3 Inch Hook - Chrome for all models of the Quadro pop up display from Classic Exhibits. 

Very few things in life are quite as sure as change, which is why having a trade show exhibit provider like Classic Exhibits has helped so many distributors weather the tough times through the development of so many new cutting edge products. When other suppliers were content to stick with a group of tried and true existing products, why did Classic venture out and risk valuable time and capital to create new products? They happen to notice that certain aluminum shapes that they were already purchasing at that time, had a significantly lower cost per linear foot compared to others, and concluded that those extrusions should first be taken into account for future product development. With the help of a innovative staff and a solid vision of the future, they were able to introduce to market, a number of well received new lines of custom modular hybrid displays. Heading the list of new custom modular hybrid displays is the Perfect 10 followed by the Magellan Miracle and Sacagawea tension fabric displays. For the resellers of Classic Exhibits products, the future looks bright because of the creativity and ingenuity on Classic’s part, and some great promotion through an online program they created called exhibit design search, which is an internet search program for trade show exhibits which we utilize extensively on the web site.