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2 x 3 VBurst Flat Replacement Graphics


2 x 3 VBurst Flat Replacement Graphics:  This version of a full height display can accommodate new graphics within days which even can be ordered without the end caps if you desire.

ShopForExhibits is pleased to carry the VBurst pop up trade show display, whose eye catching feature is that the dye sublimation graphic uses Velcro to connect it to the pop up frame, and the graphic stays on the frame during shipping. The VBurst is manufactured in both the curved and straight frame models. When the display is set up, the graphic opens up with the frame and stretches to form a completely smooth image over the entire display. VBurst comes without end panels but you can add them if you wish. The VBurst end panels are easy to attach with velcro after the frame is expanded.

Optima Graphics has become, the undisputed leading tension fabric display graphic supplier in the trade show industry, for those businesses that purchase graphics for their organizations and trade show customers. What caused Optima to elevate to such a position in the exhibit market ? First of all, Jim Hoffman, owner and president of Optima Graphics, developed a culture within the company that initiated extraordinary service to the customers, and a commitment to bring to market, new cutting edge products. He then aggressively went out with these new systems and put them into the hands of every distributor of trade show products in the country to demonstrate their value and utility in the market. Jim knew that new products was one way to differentiate Optima from everyone else, but he was creating more than that to offer people who did business with him. Those in the exhibit industry realize that our business is a lot about meeting unattainable delivery deadlines. Optima has done so well with service and turn-around times that distributors naturally gravitate toward them. Everyone at Optima it seems, is friendly and truly wants to please the customers, which speaks well for our clients. So, Finally, due to the unbelievable record of exceptional service that Optima provides, there’s no doubt where I’m taking my business.  

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  • Manufacturer: Optima Graphics
  • Lead Time: 4 days from file approval, or 3 days with overnight shipping
  • Setup Time: 15-30 minutes
  • Warranty: Lifetime


Printed Replacement Graphic in hight resolution dye sublimation Colossus 8 color printing

Shipping Information

Weight: 6lb
Dimensions: 17in x 12in x 3in

Note: Shipping costs are estimated. We reserve the right to make adjustments once the order is placed and specific costs can be determined. For more information click here.

Shipping Rates

3 Day:$49.50
2 Day:$62.34
Priority Overnight:$128.33
1st Priority:$164.48