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2 x 2 VBurst Flat Replacement Graphics

Pop Up Trade Show Display | VBurst Replacement Graphic 2x2 Flat
Pop Up Trade Show Display | VBurst Replacement Graphic 2x2 Flat with Endcaps
SKU: 2 x 2 VBurst Flat
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Printed Replacement Graphic in hight resolution dye sublimation Colossus 8 color printing

Price: $510.00

2 x 2 VBurst Flat Replacement Graphics:  An easy replacement graphic for your VBurst 2 x 2 which can be ordered with or without an end panel. 

Optima Graphics features the V Burst pop up display system whose uniqueness stems from the fact that it’s a pop up whose fabric dye sub image is mounted to the frame with Velcro, and is left on the frame when it ships. This innovative new product comes in a straight wall model or the normal concave frame models. When the display is set up, the dye sub graphic unfolds with the frame and stretches to form a completely smooth image across the entire display. You can buy the Burst without end panel if you desire. End panels are simply a wider graphic wrapped around the ends of the pop-up frame.

Optima Graphics has become, the undisputed leading pop up display graphic supplier in the exhibit industry, for those companies that purchase graphics for their organizations and trade show customers. What did the phenomenal increase in sales stem from, which propelled Optima upward to reach their lofty position of prominence ? In the early years of Optima, when Jim Hoffman opened the doors for business, he had a preliminary understanding of what the trade show market needed in terms of graphic products and production times, and with the aid of some great products, was able to supply the market exactly what it wanted. As the years past, Optima kept coming out with new and creative products which kept creating new opportunities for the company.Everyone knows that you can have good products, but if you can’t get them out the door and to your customers in time, it’s of no value. In this regard, Optima is the leader when it comes to fast service at a great price. Finally, it should be said that the culture at Optima is conducive to attracting a group of real nice people who work hard to please their customers and meet the needs of the distributor network they serve. So,When it comes to suppliers in the industry who are dedicated to the trade show clients they serve, Optima wins hands down, each and every time.