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10 Ft Economy Pop Up w/2 Photo Murals and Case

Pop Up Display | 10 Ft Economy Pop Up Display with 2 Photo Murals
SKU: Econ-10-Fab-2-Mur
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  • 10 Ft Economy Pop Up w/2 Photo Murals  
  • Display Size: 8'w x 90"h
  • Panels: Fabric choice Black, Silver, Imperial Blue Frontrunner
  • Packaging: Molded Shipping Case w/wheels
  • Lights: 2-150 watt Halogen
  • Case to Counter Kit: Included-Fabric
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  • 10 Ft Economy Pop Up  
  • 10' w x 90"h Pop Up Frame
  • Roto Molded Shipping Case
  • 4  Fabric Panels
  • Fabric Panels in  black, silver, imperial blue Frontrunner
  • 2 Photo Mural Panels


 Lightweight pop up frame with magnetic channel bars

Price: $1,444.00

This 10 Ft Economy Pop Up Display with 2 photo mural panels is a light weight model pop up with magnet to magent connecting. It comes with 2 ink jet photo mural panels, 2 halogen lights, shipping case and a fabric case to counter kit.

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